Managment Web App Systems

Cinema management solution

Cinema Management solution provides complete assistance for cinema-related operations without any hassle including ticket management, items handling, ticket sales, and concessions.

Sales and Inventory Completely Managed

Experience the new mode of managing sales by having a complete grip on inventory and cash flows online. Our software gives your supermarts and mini-stores a unique push. It contains comprehensive information about customer purchasing patterns that helps you to analyze sales and provide value to them.

Human resource management

It’s not yet difficult enough to do HRM (Human Resource Management) in your company. Eliminating a lot of paperwork and confusion in handling employees’ undertakings, our dedicated team has found a solution to your problem and developed a software “Projecto Plan” to give you ease in managing employees effectively.

Cargo management system

In this advanced world, it is really hard to manage a lot of paperwork in the cargo business. Therefore, we have developed a cargo management solution which is a Web-based application that helps you manage your shipments with complete consumer details.

Online Accounting Software

Our accounting software has an interconnected system that intertwines all the heads of accounts. It links your sales to receivables and purchases to payables and keeps adjusting inventory and cash (on-hand and at-bank). The system supports a multi-unit system where multiple users can handle software having access to specific areas as the admin assigns user roles as necessary.